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Trace pre-production edition

Trace pre-production edition

Produced By Francesco Forcellini Studio

This product combines 3D printing with traditional porcelain processing techniques. Past and present collaborate, as well as the man and the machine.

The surface of the object, inspired by the classic coffered ceilings, was designed to capture and accentuate the inevitable approximation of 3D printers. This creates a contemporary surface texture with a digital aesthetic that recalls handmade products in terms of detail and imperfection. This aesthetic is sublimated through the craftsmanship of hard feldspathic porcelain. The material crystallizes the flaws of the machine with extreme detail whilst revealing craftsmanship imperfections, creating each product slightly different.

Trace is therefore configured as an object where man and machine collaborate, enhancing respectively, transforming limits into strengths. This vase also brings the dimensional aspect to the limit, with its 45cm of height and 36 of diameter it challenges the handcraft production of feldspar. Trace pushes towards the limit carrying traces of meanings through its surface.

Produced by the studio in a limited series of 9 pieces.