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Produced By Francesco Forcellini Studio

Furniture for office and contract with sound-absorbing elements. Very few materials are selected in this design to have a low environmental impact. Both the aesthetics of the products and the number of their components have been reduced to the essential, favouring formal frankness.

The design language emphasizes the materials of the products (fabric, stainless steel and aluminium), whose original surface qualities are visible thanks to neutral finishes. Fused technical 3D fabric, specially designed by the studio and inspired from fashion design, meets the sound and fire proofing requirements with greater formal flexibility and low environmental impact. The collection includes wall dividers and a lounge chair with a coffee table for relax areas. The dividers, thanks to the concave shape, allow to be aligned in straight or curved lines to create subdivisions of the spaces or private areas. Each element of the collection can be disassembled, thus is easy to store and recycle at the end of its life.

The wall dividers have been produced in a small batch of 31 pieces, the chair and the table are prototypes.