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Produced by De Castelli


Just as stone can be sculpted by an able stonecutter, hammering and rounding techniques can mould metal into supple, organic shapes.

Sculpt is a cabinet characterised by understated aesthetics and three-dimensionality, which complete and enhance each other to highlight the processes and finishes applied to the metal it’s made of.

Bordered by crisp edges, the soft yet well-sculpted concavities of the doors mark the rhythmic pace of light and shadow as they play upon the surface, underscored by a surprising finish that gives the cabinet the elegance and sheen of silk.


Measurements: 165 x 41 x h 65.5 cm. Materials and finishes: Semi-satin hammered and rounded brass, Semi-satin hammered and rounded copper.

Sculpt has won the Archiproducts Design Award 2022 in the furniture category.