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Central small

Central small

Produced by Tonelli Design


After the success of the large version (2 x 2 mt.), it’s been designed this small version (1.6 x 1.6 mt.), suitable for smaller spaces.

A mirror designed as an element that characterizes spaces. The clean design and pure lines enhance the surfaces of the object.

The circular element reflects perpendicular to the viewer, while the side mirrors, thanks to their inclination, reflect two slightly rotated perspectives, creating a suspension effect of the central part. This play of perspective misalignment allows the product to interact within the space around it in an unconventional way.

A completely reflective object, without a frame or other stylistic elements, the mirror is suitable for many different environments.

The finishes of the three panels are available in mirror, gold mirror, bronze or smoked mirror which can be selected uniquely or multiple combined.