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Bollington armchair & Wilton desk

Bollington armchair & Wilton desk

Produced by Bentley Home

This collection brings the charm and values ​​of Bentley into the home office.

The inspiration for these two products comes from the formal values ​​that characterize Bentley, contrasting dynamism, linked to the speed of the cars, with solidity and stability, which are instead values ​​linked to comfort. The union of these values ​​creates a feeling of power, typical of the brand.
Achieving this concept is done by creating very complex shapes, challenging production limits.

The desk is a surface that rests on the ground on both sides, sloping outwards, creating a sensation of solidity made dynamic thanks to the curvature of the support wings.
On the front it has a groove that houses the drawers, and shows the two bodies that make up the object, highlighting its profile.
The two bodies join in a thin line on the back side of the desk, creating an essential sign that highlights the shape of the product.
The cleanliness of the profiles invites you to follow the shape with your gaze.

The armchair is designed with two shells that join together in a seam that runs from one side of the seat to the other, passing through the part underneath. A detail that recalls the union of the vehicle fairings, embellished by the workmanship of the inclined profiles. The backrest shell is designed to be a shape that, viewed from the rear, creates a formal balance with the desk, showing a single surface curved in three dimensions. The seat shell instead widens into two lateral wings for the armrests, recalling the curvatures of the wing of the desk that rests on the ground. These curvatures invite the person to sit, and communicate a feeling of comfort, which is then found in the welcoming padding, that ends at the junction points of the shells, allowing for a clean and elegant profile.

These products are designed in an expressive way, using a concise and clear design language, delivering an object with a strong presence. Nothing is left to chance, everything has been thought out and finished down to the smallest detail, with attention to the values ​​of the brand, the emotions it communicates, the comfort of use and construction quality. Without compromises.