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This project wants to bring simplicity and purity to the sound-absorbing office furniture sector. Both the aesthetics of the products and the number of their components has been reduced to the essential, favoring formal frankness. This design language particularly emphasizes the materials of the products, whose original qualities are visible thanks to finishes based on superficial details and neutral tones.

This project it’s composed by 3 elements: a modular wall divider, a side table and a lounge chair. The collection it’s been designed to answer at the modern necessities of the contract: flexible spaces, open space offices and relax areas. Sound absorption it’s a key element in the modern contract, that’s why it’s been integrated in the project in a simple way thanks to a single material specially designed.

It’s been chosen to reduce the number of components usually needed to create a soundproofing product to just one that has the right feature. This ensure a more flexible flexibility in the design ad a lower environmental impact. For this reason, it’s been designed and developed a sound and fire proof textile, doing research and trying different approaches with our suppliers to obtain the right solution. The design of this textile it’s the core of the projects itself. The textile (on the wall dividers and on the lounge chair) it’s mounted on an empty structure made of curved aluminium pipes. The elements are self-standing so it’s easy to change their disposition depending on the space needs. The collection is fully disassemblable therefore can be stocked and transported as flat-pack. Due their concave shape, the wall dividers can be aligned creating curves or straight lines. The lounge chair has a construction that makes it light and comfortable. The side table it’s extremely efficient ad uses just the space needed. All the bases of the collection are made of brushed stainless steel ensuring stability and durability.

Private commission.

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