This product it’s the result of an intense research on surface textures, generated in an innovative way using new technologies and ancient ones. 3d printing it’s been mixed with the more traditional porcelain casting in plaster moulds. Trace it’s a vase where machine imperfection it’s sublimated by one of the highest craftsmanship excellences.

The surface of the object it’s been designed to catch the errors of the production created by the tolerance of the FDM 3d printing technology, creating a modern texture inspired to the coffered ceilings of classical period. The approximation of this production creates a digital and mechanical aesthetic that reminds hand crafted products in the level of detail and imperfection, making human this visual language created by machines. This aesthetic it’s celebrated with a material that is one of the finest and most difficult to work with: the hard feldspar porcelain fired at 1400°. This material crystallizes the machine imperfection with extreme detail, adding also “firing imperfections”; small deformations are created each time in a different way. To this are also added that kind of imperfections that any ceramist would not like to show, but in this piece due the decoration on the full surface of the piece it’s impossible to hide, so the splitting lines of the mould are also showed. Trace it’s an object where man and machine cooperate, enhancing each other, each one with his limits, making those limits the peculiarity of the piece, his value, his uniqueness. This vase brings to the limit also the dimensional part of the object. Objects of this size (45cm tall and 36 diameter) made as a unique piece in hard feldspar are quite rare. Trace pushes to the limit and brings on its surface the traces of those limits.

Available at Mint (London) and Manfredi Style (Florence).

trace top main francesco forcellini
03_vases_couple_detail_1 wide
08_vases_matte_detail 4
10_vases_matte_deatil 7
11_vases_matte_deatil 6
15_vases_glossy_detail 3
17_vases_glossy_detail 5
18_vases_glossy_detail 6
19_ vase quality_even the small light of a phone pass through the material-wide
00_How the texture it's been designed to catch the machine errors and how the 3d printer prints the texture
00a_Tolerance studies
00b_Several samples have been produced to obtain the best final result
m01_making_3d pinting