The studio

Product design studio founded in 2017.

Francesco's work want's to celebrate the physical material qualities of the products.
To magnify those qualities he uses the material and production constrains. The aesthetic of his pieces comes from the exaltation of the production process, often turning limits into advantages. The shapes he uses are the result of formal reduction and care for details and surfaces.

A continuous research and experimentation on different materials and technologies takes place in the studio itself and using external suppliers.

In the last year we have conducted many experiments on surfaces with different materials, from resins, cements, rubbers, plastics, fabrics, porcelain and metals. Through 3D printing and casting at the studio, and with other production methods using our external suppliers. We have designed a fabric, furniture and accessories up to highly technical industrial components.


Francesco Forcellini

Francesco studied at Design Academy Eindhoven and Politecnico Di Milano, where he concluded a full grade master degree in design innovation.

He started his career in design during his first university years.

Francesco consolidated his career as industrial designer in London, where he worked for some internationally recognised design studios like Nigel Coates, Raw-Edges, Benjamin Hubert and his evolution in Layer experience design agency, where he continued to work until the decision of taking an independent carrier. By working in these studios, he had the chance to develop projects for some of the most internationally recognised design brands (like: Herman Miller, Fritz Hansen, Moroso, Bitossi, Nava, Gorlan, Menu, etc...) and multinationals linked to innovation (Oral-b, Samsung, Braun, Nike), developing a good familiarity with a wide range of materials, production technologies and products.